How is This Free?

When we say Free Records, we are speaking about the actual single record or crime. We do not offer Nationwide Background Reports, that must be researched since there is no single instant search that offers it (at least not public), we are not a investigation service, we gather as many records from as many databases we can find and sort them in searchable records. A complete search would require the investigator check all U.S.A. States, some offer access, some do not which is why the investigator must have access to non-public databases.

In this screenshot, you see about 10 different records, or crimes. Each contain several free results. The main 2 parts to each record are the crime and the location the crime took place in -- that is the free record! Some results may contain the subjects address or personal information, in fact many of the Sex Offender results provide full details of the subject, but with Department of Corrections and Court records, the crime and county are usually all that's provided, it's all you need although some other data like the DOB can aid in a positive ID of the subject if it's available

Below is a screenshot of a single record, the crime and location are basically the only free results included with this record, again some states offer more data than others but we do in fact give you everything we have free.

If we can't find the subject, you'll be given a option to search further using our affiliates database search. Even this option offers free data such as past and current locations of the subject, some searches offer the subjects relatives or family names, the location they found the record, all valueable data you can use in your investigation.

We've been gathering data for over 15 years now and hold billions of records of Sex Offenders, Court Records and Department of Corrections. With 10,000+ man hours invested to date, we still only have a fraction of all the criminal records ever written in the United States with 90% of all active and in-active sex offenders. We do not charge to access any of this data!

Each state is different in the way they release this type of data, some states such as Florida will tell you everything, some nothing. We have huge server costs and fund this through both ads and affiliate sales such as in the above screenshot. If you do infact use their service, they give s a percentage. If you wuld like to help us out, we ask that you please leave us a good review, or at least fair!

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