Skiptracing and People Finder

Unlimited Criminal Checks is ideal for Skiptracing and used my detectives, private investigators and legal departments all across the country.   

Unlimited Criminal Checks has been collecting data for 20+ years and as with our nationwide sex offenders database, we have both current and historical data. Many times when a person is in trouble, the run or just down on his or her luck, many times they will turn to family, friends or home town relatives when in need.

A great place to start is a quick people search (free search below) to gather all the locations your subject has either listed as an address or may have possibility had a utility such as power or cable set up at the residence at some point.

Social Media is also an excellent and highly recommended method to locate someone.

It's important to always verify all data before you attempt to approach or capture the subject. Use Google to verify address and names to avoid legal problems such as trespassing or false imprisonment