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While all of our data is 100% free to the public, we do also offer developers and webmasters the option of using our records in your own projects or applications at a cost much lower then the our competitors. Our Nationwide Sex Offender API is open to anyone and costs just one cent per API call. Setup is instant and you can get started with 100 calls for just a buck!

Use our data for only $0.01 Cent /call!

  • Nationwide Sex Offender API
  • Covers 95% of USA
  • Instant API Key Creation
  • Instantly reload API Calls
  • XML Format
  • Dept of Corrections API
  • Criminal Court Records API
  • No Membership Required!

Also includes API Docs and easy copy/paste sample code for beginners. Our API Manager page also includes Live Help via chat during normal business hours for instant assistance.

API Ideas

Our Sex Offender Developers API is a great way for developers or webmasters to include our raw data into their appliations or websites. Data is provide in XML format and costs $0.01 Cents (1 credit) for each call to our database. Covers 95% of the U.S.A. and includes offenders address, personal details and image (where available)

Our entire API system, from API key generation to credit purchase is 100% automated and instant.

We accept PayPal and Bitcoin as options to purchase credits. All payment options are fully automated and instant, pre-pay for only the API calls you need!

Criminal Court Records

Search county, state and federal criminal court records, dockets and archives. Many states provide public access to court records for both guilty and innocent persons for public access

Department of Corrections

When a person is sentenced to prision, depending on the state, he/she is usually entered into the states DOC inmate locater database, which we archive before the inmate is released.

Sex Offenders

Not all sex offenders must register for life! Our nationwide sex offender search holds both current and expired offenders we've archived over the years.

Devlopers API

While all of our searches are 100% free and unlimited, we do also offer a paid solution for developers that would like to use our data in their websites or appliations.

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