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Search our unique and massive database of Criminal Court, D.O.C. & Sex Offender records with billions of records updated frequently and going back as far as the 1960's

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Our Premium Members have full access to our Massive U.S.A. Cell & Mobile Phone Database! Learn the phone owner's name, address, city, zip and the cell phone provider.


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Search Active Arrest Warrants through state/local resources. There are thousands of new active warrants placed on individuals each day, and unless your a law enforcement officer and are able to use the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), locating them can be a problem. Our system allows you to have the same resources the pros use!

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Search our multiple databases of criminal, civil and traffic court records of all 50 US States for felony and misdemeanor, traffic tickets, judgements & collections, bankruptcy and more! Unlimited Criminal and Background checks holds the nations largest collection of historic and current criminal court records!