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Unlimited Criminal Checks provides all data 100% free of charge with NO MEMBERHIP or LOG-In REQUIRED! Run a unlimited amount of searches with unlimited results directly from our home page! The only payment options we have are for our developers that use our data on their own website or application for profit (Yes Free API calls are available for non-profit, churches, schools and charities, use the Contact Form to requst your free API key and calls now!)

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Just goto our home page and enter a subjects name in the search box at the top, it'll take us just a few seconds to scan all databases, and best of all there are no hoops to jump through or forms to fill out.

All searches are 100% free, in addition we also offer a developers API, mainly for coders and webmasters who wish to include raw data on their own website or application. We do charge a small fee ($0.01 Cent per call) for the developers API service, and other premium services such as data removal or other detective tools. Again these premium services are seperate from our main public search which does not have any payment options or membership required.

When Unlimited Criminal Checks says free and unlimited -- we mean it! There are no search limits or hidden data, if you happen to be directed to a payment page to view data, you most likely clicked on one of the many ads throughout our website. Since we do provide 100% free searches we must pay the huge server payment each month somehow!

Criminal Court Records

Search county, state and federal criminal court records, dockets and archives. Many states provide public access to court records for both guilty and innocent persons for public access

Department of Corrections

When a person is sentenced to prision, depending on the state, he/she is usually entered into the states DOC inmate locater database, which we archive before the inmate is released.

Sex Offenders

Not all sex offenders must register for life! Our nationwide sex offender search holds both current and expired offenders we've archived over the years.

Devlopers API

While all of our searches are 100% free and unlimited, we do also offer a paid solution for developers that would like to use our data in their websites or appliations.

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