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Locating information on some phone numbers can be a challenge. If the owner recently changed providers or it's a newly assigned number, a premium lookup service may be the best way to find the phones owner.
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Search any 10 digit USA phone number using the search form above.

Results will include line type (landline or cellular), owner name, street address and more when available. Not all phone numbers are guaranteed accurate as numbers and networks change daily. Phone company providers don't simply allow access to their customer databases. Results are gathered using multiple methods such as white page listing and data harvesting.

Reverse Phone API

Want to use our data in your application? The Complete Criminal Checks Public API includes reverse cellular and reverse land line lookups in XML and JSON formats.
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25 API Calls Per Day

The Complete Criminal Checks free offender API allows up to 25 calls per day in XML and JSON formats. Upgrade instantly for higher volume lookups.

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