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Sex Offender Searches are Always 100% Free!
You should never pay for a Sex Offender Lookup, each state has their own registry you can access to run a unlimited amount of searches which including the latest up-to-date information, offender's current location and employment. Select the state you would like to search in below, for Nationwide Sex Offender Lookups try the NSOPW

Sex Offenders

Not all Sex Offenders are required to be on their home states sex offender registry for life. We hold archives of public data so our records never expire!

Megan's Law is a Federal Law which requires local and state police to inform the public about registered sex offenders.

Unlimited Criminal Checks is simply a archive of past reords, for the most up to date and validated sex offender data, you should always search the local state sex offender registry (links below).

State Sex Offender Registry Websites

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