Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing also know as debtor and fugitive recovery is where you track a person down using several types of resources including many of the searches we have here at Unlimited Criminal Checks. Our Free Current and Historic White Page Lookups are a great starting point as it can assiste you in finding leads such as old neighbors, friends or family still at one or more of a persons address history.

API Ideas

Bounty Hunters use both traditional methods and online tools when searching for a fugitive. Debt collection, investigative firms and private investigators would also use skip tracing resources from time to time for various reasons.

Our entire API system, from API key generation to credit purchase is 100% automated and instant.

We accept PayPal and Bitcoin as options to purchase credits. All payment options are fully automated and instant however if paying via Bitcoin, although the process is automated it can take up to a full hour for the bit coin to be transfered.

Criminal Court Records

Search county, state and federal criminal court records, dockets and archives. Many states provide public access to court records for both guilty and innocent persons for public access

Department of Corrections

When a person is sentenced to prision, depending on the state, he/she is usually entered into the states DOC inmate locater database, which we archive before the inmate is released.

Sex Offenders

Not all sex offenders must register for life! Our nationwide sex offender search holds both current and expired offenders we've archived over the years.

Devlopers API

While all of our searches are 100% free and unlimited, we do also offer a paid solution for developers that would like to use our data in their websites or appliations.

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