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Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing, also know as debtor and fugitive recovery, is when you track a person down using multiple online resources. Bond jumping, car repos and debt collection are great examples of common skip tracing clients.

Bounty Hunters use both traditional methods and online tools when searching for a fugitive. Debt collection, investigative firms and private investigators would also use skip tracing resources from time to time for various reasons.

  • #01. Social Media

    Check the subjects social media pages and look for clues as to where he/she may be.

  • #02. Family

    Unless the subject is some type of outdoor survivalist then chances are their at someones home that cares enough and willing to risk a charge of harboring a fugitive to help.

  • #03. Hotels

    If law enforcment is looking or you as a skip tracer can pull recent credit/debit card transacations, you may find your subject at the local Motel 6.